• INW Specializes in the fields of underwater construction, inspection and maintenance.
    For more than 35 years, INW has safely and efficiently carried out various underwater jobs and projects.
    We have a range of multi skilled surface supplied diving personnel at our disposal from a pool of experienced divers that we have worked with over the years.
    We ensure that all personnel used are trained on our equipment and are briefed on our management systems to minimize the potential hazards for related issues during diving in our projects.
    The experience gained over years of service, together with continued investment in human resources and equipment, allows INW to efficiently respond to client requirements.
    Throughout these years, INW has built a sound reputation for the provision of qualified diving, Technical and inspection personnel to the highest level.
    INW is one of the pioneers in diving services in the Eastern Mediterranean, Gulf of Suez and Arabian Gulf.
    INW is member of the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) which guarantee us to follow up the updated safety standards and work procedures in the industry all over the world through periodical meetings, IMCA issues and safety flashes.
    Therefore INW also is member of the Association Of Diving Contractors (ADC).
    INW Diving operations and safety manual is guideline that describes our company diving rules, policies, personal and plant standards, safety and efficiency planning, operational standards and limitations while running an operation.

INW has conducted many civil works which includes but not limited to the following:

  • Construction of jetties.
  • Construction of water intakes.
  • Construction of sewer out-falls.
  • Construction of protective barriers / wave breaker.
  • Dredging in canals and harbors.
  • Leveling of seabed.
  • Inspection and repair of dams.
  • Inspection and maintenance of water intakes.
  • Subsea soil investigation.
  • Subsea scour prevention.
  • Inspection of concrete structure.

INW offers a comprehensive cutting & welding services, which includes:

  • Pipeline Tie-ins and repair.
  • Structural repairs and replacement of members.
  • Repairs to floating structures, vessels and SBM.
  • Wet Welding.
  • INW maintains and operates a wide range of Cutting & welding spreads and associated equipment which is used in general diving activities.

INW has executed long and short term inspection contracts which cover all aspects of inspection. Our inspection programs include the following:-

  • Inspection of offshore platforms
  • Inspection of subsea pipelines.
  • Inspection of drilling rigs in lieu of dry docking.
  • Inspection of marine vessels in lieu of dry docking.
  • Inspection of S.P.M systems.

We have also undertaken the following underwater inspections projects which have been conducted on a turn key or daily basis and have covered all aspects of inspection including the following:

  • General and close visual inspection
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Inspection.
  • Wall thickness gauging
  • Cathodic potential protection measurement.
  • Magnetic particle inspection.
  • Video survey.
  • Still Photography.
  • Flooded member inspection.
  • Scour assessment.
  • Reporting.

INW have conducted many offshore & construction works which includes but not limited to the following:-

  • Subsea pipe laying.
  • Subsea cable laying.
  • Repair of submarine pipelines.
  • Repair of platforms.
  • Support to drilling rigs.
  • Repair and maintenance of S.P.M systems and sea berths.
  • Air lifting.
  • Replacement of Risers.
  • Installation of Riser clamps and Mechanical connectors.
  • Template installation.
  • Installation of pipeline clamps.
  • Leg penetration check.
  • Sea bed survey.
  • Removal of debris.
  • Anodes replacement.
  • Reinstallation of pipelines anchoring / stabilization blocks.
  • Pipelines preparation.
  • Repairs of offshore structure of boat landing & fenders.
  • Cleaning structures from subsea marine growth.
  • Guiding of conductors.
  • Grouting services.
  • Underwater splash zone coating.
  • Vessel repairs.