INW The pioneer Commercial Diving Company working in the Diving Industry Since 1977 owned and directed by Captain Omar Ezz El-Din is pleased to announce that after being widely spread in the Arabic Area, due to the good performance of its managers and workers along 40 years, having now almost 300 divers.


It decided to establish an Institute for Commercial Diving Technology, would apply the quality, competency, and International recognized Certification from all world Societies, among them IMCA With the collaboration in a joint Venture with (International Academy for Diving Technology) Owned and directed by Capt. Mohsen El-Gohary, whom have the past experience in Training and Instructing Diving with all its Activities Since (1967), and Commercial Diving Work Since (1975).
This Diving School will apply the Training Standards for Basic and Specialty courses according to (IDSA) Standards (International Diving Schools Association) in its latest edition of (July 2013), covering its main three levels which are:

  • Level (1) Commercial Scuba till 30 meters water depth.
  • Level (2) Inshore Surface Supply till 30 meters water depth.
  • Level (3) Offshore Surface Supply till 50 meters water depth.

Also; we apply its system for assessment for those whom have got a past experience by running IDSA assessment standards for their competency.
And we cover also all requirements and needs of the industry for under water work required courses, either the standard specialties of IDSA, or tailored courses asked from our clients with the highest level of quality and training competency.
Our School has got the first licensed diving School in Egypt from the Egyptian Authority for Maritime Safety “EAMS“, which is the approved Governmental Society for Commercial Divers Certification

How to apply:

  • Students must be 18 years or older
  • Students must pass the medical check–up by “EIDS” Doctor
  • Students must pass the swimming test according which its form

Level I: Commercial SCUBA Diver consists of 2 phases for (4 weeks) which are:

  • Phase 1: The students go through CMAS advanced open water diver and “IDSA” A-Module, (for foreigners as they wish).
  • Phase 2: This phase aims to provide divers with “IDSA” B-Module (commercial Scuba) – 30 meters and underwater photography basics, by the end of this course the students could have CMAS two star diver ID (if they wish) which provides a working opportunity in any of SCUBA diving centers as long as they complete their training program and diving hours through the three star SCUBA diving course.

Level II: Inshore/Inland Surface Supply Diver for (4 weeks)

Through that level the students will be involved into “IDSA” C-Module (Inshore/Inland Surface Supply Diver) to 30 meters – which has a glimpse of Cutting and Welding, and initial training for U/W imaging.

By the end of this course the students will have an (Inshore/Inland Surface Supply Diver Certificate) which gives him an opportunity to work for most of the Egyptian and non-Egyptian Companies involved in costal and civilian works – and some of Egyptian and non-Egyptian Petroleum Companies.

On the other hand, students can have (A.D.C.I) ID as long as completing the required diving hours and dives which will qualify them to work for most of the Egyptian and non-Egyptian Petroleum Companies.

Level III: Offshore Surface Supply Diver

The course “IDSA” D-Module to 50 meter depth requirements/details will be announced soon.

By the end of this course, the students will have an Offshore Surface Supply Diver Certificate which gives him an opportunity to work for all of the Egyptian and non-Egyptian Petroleum Companies.

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