IntroductionAbove Water Inspection & NDT ServicesRope Access Services

A/W Inspection & NDT Services

Development of an integrated approach to equipment integrity management, asset integrity management and analysis to cover the inspection needs and NDT services in On-Shore & Off-Shore, Owing to the worldwide Competition & to convey the new technology & seeking the ultimate Satisfaction of our Clients.

Rope Access Services

Owing to the worldwide Competition & to convoy the new technology seeking the ultimate Satisfaction of our Clients, INW/IMW provided a value added service, which is Industrial Rope Access Services “Abseiling Technique”. We are a Full member company of IRATA (International Rope Access Trade Association) (Membership No. 7015/O) and all of our Rope Access personnel hold valid IRATA certification.

NDT Inspection Services


Development of an integrated approach to equipment integrity management, asset integrity management and analysis. This includes various elements as follows:-

  • Risk Based Inspection (RBI).
  • Direct assessment.
  • Defect assessment.
  • Fitness For Services (FFS).
  • Thickness Measurements Locations (TMLs).
  • Corrosion monitoring program.
  • Rotating machineries vibration integrity management system and static equipment integrity.

Conduct all kinds of inspection activities (Welding, Painting, Coating, Corrosion, ….. etc) for piping works, pressure vessels, boilers, heaters, pressure safety devices, heaters, heat exchangers and storage tanks.


  • Ultrasonic Testing. (UT)
  • Radiographic Testing. (RT)
  • Radiographic Testing. (RT)
  • Magnetic Particle Testing. (MPI)
  • Dye Penetrant Testing. (DET)
  • Eddy Current Testing. (ET)
  • Thermographic Testing.
  • INCOTEST Technique.
  • TOFD (Time Of Flight Diffraction) Technique.
  • Vibration Analysis.
  • Endoscopy Examination (Rigid, Flexible optical inspection system).
  • Acoustic Emission.

Thickness measurements survey for ships, vessels & mobile offshore drilling units under the authority of different International Classifications Societies (IACS).

INW inspection and NDT technicians have sound experience, knowledge and certification according to the relevant standard codes.


  • Measure Dry Film Thickness (DFT) using Elcometer.
  • Roughness Detector.
  • Adhesion Testing.
  • Holiday Detector.
  • Review the Coating / Painting specifications for both onshore & offshore Production Facilities.
  • Control & witness the performance & quality of painting application during the executive phase as well as Coating & Wrapping.


  • Cathodic Protection / design / supply / installation & monitoring.
  • Soil Resistivity survey to define location of the ground bed.


  • Conduct Inspection for all welding processes by all techniques according to the Project Quality Plan (PQP).

Rope Access Services

Rope access is, quite simply, a form of work positioning. It uses specialized rope techniques to place workers in many disciplines in hard-to-reach locations to provide a practical, extremely safe and cost-effective solution for a variety of applications, such as maintenance, repair, surface preparation, painting and inspection works.

Offshore Oil & Gas Industry

INW is able to provide rope access technicians to the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry to carry out all aspects of inspection, repair and maintenance requirements.

INW Rope Access Technicians are able to safely access the most difficult to reach locations found onboard.

Industrial Rope Access is found to be most beneficial in areas where the traditional means of access, such as scaffolding, absorb a disproportionate amount of the operators’ time and/or budget. A well-planned, small, multi- disciplined composite crew onboard takes up less bed space and less valuable deck space too, and is capable of performing various planned maintenance tasks involving NDE, Coatings, Top Side Survey Work, Confined Space Tank Entry and many other situations that arise throughout the rig or platform.

Range of Services

– Asset Integrity Management

Asset Integrity Management focuses on structural and mechanical integrity assessments affecting oil and gas facilities. The integrity assessments are applied in a systematic and proactive manner that allows for the identification of potential failures in engineered systems and devices. The assessment results are utilized to determine failure avoidance strategies through design changes, maintenance, and repair.

– Splash Zone Intervention

Rope Access methods are ideal for addressing some of these problems.

  • Pitting and Cavitations
  • Marine Growth

INW Rope Access Technicians can quickly and easily access the splash zone, working in windows of opportunity as weather, swell height and tides. Removal of marine growth can be carried out. Application of protective coatings and propriety products (Denzo tape, for example) can be done also. A full inspection, either visually or using more in depth NDT methods may be performed too. By using rope access, no temporary staging or scaffolding need be left in place between working periods, so there is no danger of losing material or littering debris onto the seabed.

– Non Destructive Testing

INW provides industry with comprehensive Nondestructive Testing & Examination requirements. Our staff technicians are certified to ASNT standards in various NDT techniques to meet your needs. Our equipment is state of the art and we are rapidly moving forward using automated technologies.

Rope access inspection technicians are able to quickly reach even the most difficult and confined areas to perform any NDT work. No expensive and time consuming staging or scaffolding is required. Within minutes of any inspection being completed, the area is ready to resume normal operations. Such activities can be coordinated with other operations to get minimal downtime.The obvious advantage to using rope access combined with NDT is the time and cost savings.

– Inspection, Maintenance & Repair

We provide our clients with quality inspection, repair and maintenance services. All work is completed in accordance with applicable safety regulations, client quality/expectations, certified technicians and industry requirements. We provide a wide range of inspection, maintenance and repair requirements for the Offshore Oil & Gas, Petrochemical Industry.