Seaeye Tiger 1000


The ROV Division started in 1993 with three R.O.Vs. In order to convoy the new technology and to expand our services, the company purchased in 2002, R.O.V Seaeye Tiger 1000 for supporting inspection and construction projects that include the following services:

The SEAEYE TIGER is a vehicle system designed for operations to a depth of 1000m and provides the user with a powerful performance envelope for a vehicle of this class. TIGER’s four vectored SM4M high performance thrusters give exceptional horizontal and lateral thrust, with   a single vertical thruster providing dynamic depth control. The vehicle can also be operated in ‘free swimming’ mode with a maximum of 600m of umbilical.

Two camera interfaces are fitted as standard. Video transmission is via screened twisted pairs in the tether and free- swimming cable. For TMS systems with a main lift umbilical length in excess of 700m, the two video channels are multiplexed onto a single fibre at the TMS, for transmission   to the surface. Camera Tilt Platform: The camera platform can carry two cameras & lights and is driven via a clutch. It has ± 90° tilt movement, providing optimum coverage.


Vehicle Length: 1030mm

Depth rating: 1000m

Width: 700mm Height: 565mm

Forward Thrust: 62kg

Weight: 150kg

Lateral Thrust: 43kg

Payload: 32kg

Vertical thrust: 22kg

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