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INW Currently Owns & Operates five (5) ROV Systems:

  • Seaeye Cougar
  • Seaeye Tiger 1000
  • Seaeye Falcon
  • JW Fishers SeaLion-2
  • VideoRay Pro III XE GTO

The ROV Division started in 1993 with two ROVs (Seaeye Surveyor & Seaeye 600). In order to convoy the new technology and to expand our services, the company purchased in 2003 the Seaeye Tiger 1000 ROV for supporting inspection and construction projects. And with the increased demand on Electrically Powered Compact Work Class ROVs for deep water Oil and Gas Fields, INW / IMW takes a further step by purchasing the new Seaeye Cougar in 2006. Also in 2006 INW / IMW purchased VideoRay Pro III XE GTO for supporting Onshore and Offshore Shallow Water Projects as well as making a visual Inspection for confined spaces like pipelines from inside and the interior of storage tanks. In 2013 the Company purchased JW Fishers SeaLion-2 ROV as a replacement for exhausted VideoRay Pro III ROV. And in December 2014, INW / IMW decided to buy a new Seaeye Falcon ROV to satisfy our client’s needs for a robust mobile observation class ROV.

Our ROVs can be utilized in the following services:

  • Inspection of offshore platforms.
  • Inspection of subsea pipelines and cables.
  • Detection of scour and free spans on pipelines and cables.
  • Progressive inspection of pipelines and cables during laying.
  • Assistance to drilling rigs during rig moves.
  • Taking a subsea measurements like CP and UT for supporting offshore inspection projects.
  • Visual Inspection of Pipelines and Storage tanks from inside.

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Seaeye Cougar

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SEAEYE COUGAR had proven worldwide in demanding applications and had been recognized for its capability to operate effectively as a compact work-class ROV. Forming a new generation, ROV Cougar comes with a considerable improvement in performance.
Equipment Interfaces:

A wide range of standard or custom interfaces are provided:

  • Manipulator & cutter interfaces.
  • CP Interface (Proximity or Contact)
  • Obstacle avoidance, multi-beam, profiling or side scan sonar.
  • Bathymetric systems.
  • Fixed focus, zoom and still cameras.
  • Emergency strobes and beacons.
  • Tracking systems.
  • (3-phase) tooling supply.
  • Auxiliary connections providing telemetry & DC power for other accessories.
  • Tackling an expanding range of applications is made easier because task-specific tooling skids can easily be bolted on, and changed as needed. The Seaeye Cougar leads a new generation of compact, highly flexible and extremely powerful electric ROVs that offer users the ability to undertake a wider range of demanding tasks at lower operating costs.

Seaeye Cougar Specifications

Length: 1506 mm Depth rating: 2000 msw
Width: 1000 mm Forward Thrust: 100 kgf
Height: 745 mm Lateral Thrust: 72 kgf
Weight: 335 kg Vertical Thrust: 67 kgf
Payload: 80 kg Forward Speed: 3 knots


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Seaeye Tiger 1000

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THE SEAEYE TIGER is widely regarded internationally as the standard observation and inspection ROV for operations to depths of 1000 metres in the offshore oil and gas industry. Its performance in strong currents, excellent handling and maneuverability are unsurpassed.

A Seaeye Tiger can be operated free swimming with up to 450 metres of umbilical or from a Type 2 TMS system to its full working depth.

Seaeye Tigers are open frame construction providing greater scope to fit additional accessories and more capable manipulators than ‘eyeball’ ROVs. This open frame construction also allows the horizontal thrusters to be mounted in the most efficient vectored arrangement providing far greater thrust in both forward and lateral directions than earlier axial and lateral thruster combinations.

A basic ROV system comprises the Vehicle, a Surface Control Unit a Hand Control Unit and a Power Supply Unit.

Seaeye Tiger 1000 Specifications

Length: 1030 mm Depth rating: 1000 msw
Width: 700 mm Forward Thrust: 62 kgf
Height: 565 mm Lateral Thrust: 43 kgf
Weight: 150 kg Vertical thrust: 22 kgf
Payload: 32 kg Forward Speed: 3 knots


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Seaeye Falcon

THE SEAEYE FALCON is the choice of many leading Subsea Contractors for capability, versatility and the ability to get the job done, lightweight and portable

The Seaeye Falcon is a compact remotely operated vehicle suitable for a variety of observation and inspection tasks. The Seaeye Falcon is ideally suited to rig-supporting eyeball operations where it sets the highest standards with an impressive power to weight ratio.

Available with a choice of options, tools and accessories, Seaeye Falcon make an ideal platform for achieving numerous intricate and demanding subsea applications.

Seaeye Falcon Specifications

Length: 1000 mm Depth rating: 300 msw
Width: 600 mm Forward Thrust: 50 kgf
Height: 500 mm Lateral Thrust: 28 kgf
Weight: 60 kg Vertical thrust: 13 kgf
Payload: 14 kg Forward Speed: 3 knots


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JW Fishers SeaLion-2

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SeaLion-2 is a completely mobile underwater camera system that is controlled from the surface and capable of staying submerged indefinitely. This ROV is ideally suited to a variety of applications including pipeline inspections, river searches, dam surveys, shallow water oil and gas platform work, fish farming, and homeland security operations. They can dramatically reduce search time, as well as the risk and high cost associated with diving operations.

The SeaLion-2 ROV has four high performance motors that move it fast on high current conditions. In addition, even more thrust is available with a Power Boost feature that provides the ROV with an extra burst of speed when heavier currents are encountered. Other advantages are a 1,000 foot (304.8 m) depth rated housing and the ability to operate with cable lengths up to 1,500 feet (457.2 m). Other features include front and rear facing color cameras with pan and tilt. Illumination for the front camera is provided by two powerful 100 watt tungsten halogen bulbs. Lighting for the rear camera is provided by a ring of high intensity LEDs.

JW Fishers SeaLion-2 Specifications

Length: 584.2 mm Depth rating: 304.8 msw
Width: 406.4 mm Weight: 19.5 kg
Height: 304.8 mm Forward Speed: 4 knots


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VideoRay Pro III XE GTO

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VIDEORAY is a submersible, Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) designed to take advantage of its portability and size. Set up and vehicle control are simple and intuitive, enabling VideoRay to be easily carried, deployed, and operated by one person. VideoRay can go anywhere, powered by conventional AC, or a battery pack and inverter. Operation of the VideoRay is quickly mastered after only a few practice “flights.” Connection to a video monitor provides the operator with a view of everything the VideoRay sees.
VideoRay carries no batteries; it is completely powered and controlled from the surface through a small diameter tether. For operational safety, the joystick control, vehicle and tether carry a maximum voltage of 48 Volts DC.

The VideoRay Pro 3 ROV system is the technology that propelled VideoRay into the position of Global Leader in Micro-ROV Technology. With its open platform, rugged construction, and ability to integrate with numerous sensors, tools, and sonars, the Pro 3 quickly became the work horse of VideoRay’s ROV product line.

The powerhouse of the product line was the Pro 3 GTO (Greater Thrust Option) which had much larger thrusters than it’s Pro 3 E, S, and XE predecessors, capable of propelling the ROV at surface speeds up to 4.1 knots. With this power came the ability to pull much more tether and maintain stability in higher current conditions.

VideoRay Pro III XE GTO Specifications

Length: 368 mm Depth Rating: 152 msw
Width: 216 mm Weight: 4.5 kg
Height: 229 mm Forward Speed: 4.1 knots